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About Serampore

Serampore is also called by many different names, especially with variations in the Bengali dialect. So you can hear it being addressed as Serampur, Srirampur, Srirampore, Shreerampur, Shreerampore, Shrirampur, Shrirampore,or Srerampore. This is a famous and historical city in the Indian state of West Bengal and is the headquarter of the Srirampore subdivision. It comes under the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority. Serampore had a population of 181,842 as per the 2011 census with 51.55% males and 48.45% females.


Geography of Serampore

The climate of the city is warm and humid during the long summer months. The monsoons arrive usually are June and stay up to August. The winters are pleasant and not very cold. Being located at the banks of the river Hooghly, the city has a humid climate through most of the year.

History of Serampore

It is basically a pre-colonial town on the west bank of the Hooghly River. The town was under part of the Danish India under the name Frederiknagore from 1755 to 1845. The history of this city is as rich as its date. The 'Srirampur' is supposed to have originated either from 'Sripur', 'Sri Ram' or both. Some it came from ’Seetarampore' as there was a very famous 'Ram-Seeta' temple. Serampore City was grown up joining by Mahesh, Ballavpur, Akna, Sripur, Gopinathpur, Manoharpur, Chatra, Rajyadharapur, Naoga, Sheoraphuli, Shimla - sataghara villages. This town has witnessed both growth and decline of the feudal system. Three phases of this towns history are-

  • The Pre-urbanisation phase (the period before 1755);
  • The Urbanisation phase (from 1755 to 1854); and
  • The Industrialisation phase (1854 to 1947)

After the Mughal era, there arose the need for local artisana along with "service class" The Sheoraphuli Hat was the main internal trade centre and had close commercial links with Barisal, Khulna, Dhaka, Mymensingh, Rajshahi and other districts of East Bengal (now Bangladesh). When the Danish came, acquisition of land in the area by the Danes in the early 18th century started. They also established a bazaar (the present Tin Bazaar) and allowed private godowns, or warehouses to be maintained.

Industry in Seerampore

The textile industry flourished during the Mughal period and the local land was well known for its cotton and silk weaving. The Hindu weavers manufactured fine cotton pieces and Muslim weavers monopolised silk manufacture. Paddy, jute and betel-leaf were grown here while the Kaibarta used the marshy land for fishing.

How to reach Serampore

There are many ways to reach the city of Serampore and these include-

Bus route

You can take a bus from the main city of Kolkata or even opt for buses from nearby cities and towns. Some of the routes that are available are-

  • Serampore Town Station-Kolkata Bag Bazaar -Saltlake
  • Serampore Court-Howrah Station
  • Serampore Court-Korunamoi-Saltlake
  • Serampore Court-Chanditala
  • Serampore Court-Jangipara
  • Serampore Court-Aushbali
  • Serampore Court-Birshibpur (Uluberia)
  • Serampore Court-Tarakeshwar
  • Serampore Court-Pandua
  • Serampore Court-Domjur
  • Serampore Court-Siakhala

By train

The city has two railway stations namely the Serampore Town railway station and Sheoraphuli railway station two Railway stations in Serampore. Both Serampore town and Sheoraphuli stations are very important units as they fall in the Howrah–Bardhaman main line railway. Almost all important local, passenger, and express trains stop here.

By Air

To reach this city by air you have to access the Kolkata airport, which is about 35 kms away from this city. From here, one can take a taxi or even hire a car to Serampore.

Tourism of Serampore

The city of Serampore offers many a tourist places and sites. Here are some that you should definitely check out-

Durga Puja of Ukil Bari, Chatra

If visiting during the months of September or October or around the Durga Puja, do go to Ukil bari that is over 100 years old. This place is known to many, especially to the people of Chatra, Serampore.

Temples of Serampore

The city of Serampore has a lot of ancient temples, owing to the vast cultural history. These include-
    •    The temple of Radhaballabh at Ballavpur (18th century)
    •    The temple of Lord Jagannath at Mahesh (1396 A.D.)
    •    The Rath Yatra of Mahesh
    •    The Ram-Sita temple, Sripur
    •    Gauranga at Chatra (16th century)
    •    Hari Sabha at Battala (Near Battala Crossing & Battala Police Station)
    •    Sashan Kali Mandir at Ballavpur
    •    Henry Martin's Pagoda, Ballavpur
    •    Sitalatala Mandir [Chatra Sitalatala]
    •    Nistarini Kali Bari, Sheoraphuli Ghat

Shopping in Serampore

The local bazaar is of course one of the best places to get bargain deals. You can head to the main bazaar here via a rickshaw or even other forms of transport. Here look for jute bags, sarees and other local deals.

Big Bazaar
Shopping Mall
Sashi Bhusan Ghosh Lane, Nehru Nagar Colony, Mahesh Bose Para
Phone: 092222 21947

Trend Setters, Serampore
Shopping Mall
26, K.M.Sha Street, Serampore, Hooghly

Kolkata fashion bazar - Serampore
Grand Trunk Rd, Nehru Nagar Colony, Mahesh Colony, Serampore, West Bengal 712202

Restaurants in Serampore

Like the rest of the state, Serampore too offers many delicacies that are exclusive here. These include some sweets like rosogollas and local sandesh and cottage cheese delicacies. Besides this, you should also enjoy the fish specialties here, especially the area being a major fishing hub thanks to the proximity to the river. Apart from these, there are local markets and stalls selling rolls and noodles giving you a taste of modern and fast food. Other eateries here include-

Samrat Hotel & Restaurant
175, NS Ave, 1st Floor, Serampore

Sukhsagar Hotel & Restaurant
38, Rishi Bankim Sarani, Serampore

Rupashi Restaurant & Guest House
585, Grand Trunk Road, Maniktala, Serampore

Medical Stores in Serampore

Tara Medical Stores
129, NS Ave · 092315 64248
Opens at 10:00 AM

Medical Shop
Maniktala, Thakurbati St
Open 24 hours

New Lakshmi Medical Stores
B,, 62, Grand Trunk Rd · 098304 56389
Opens at 9:00 AM

Hospitals in Serampore

Care Concern Hospital Pvt. Ltd
87 A, Grand Trunk Rd · 033 2622 7083
Open 24 hours

Serampore Walsh Hospital
Government Hospital
22A, T C Goswami St · 033 2662 6062
Open 24 hours

Serampore ESI Hospital
Government Hospital
G.T. Road (W), Mullick Para, Serampore · 033 2622 1703
Open 24 hours

Police Stations in Serampore

Serampore Women Police Station (SDO Ghat)
Traffic Police Station
1, MG Rd, SDO Ghat, Serampore - 1, Mahatma Gandhi Rd · 033 2662 2238

Sheoraphuli Police Outpost
Police Department
033 2632 5500

Serampore Police Station
Police Station
KM Shah Street

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